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Classes 2018-2019

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Click on the blue names below for class sites and blogs.


​​​​Position​Staff Member​Social Network​
​Principal​Lindsey Cook​Twitter @coustaff
​Senior Admin. Support​Jodie Provenzano
Teacher-Librarian / ​Principal's Assistant​F. Henderson
​Kindergarten​T. Groen / K. Richardson
​Kindergarten​T. Soper / H. Newman
​Grade 1/2L. Balkwill
​Grade 2/3C. Stones
​Grade 2/3T. Lamondin
​Grade 4S. Laurin
​Grade 4/5J. Perigoe
​Grade 5/6D. Robertson
​Grade 6R. Carnie
​Grade 7/8B. Hughes
​Grade 7/8S. Launchbury
​Grade 7/8 T. Earle
​FSL / Planning TimeD. Creighton
​Planning Time​D. Allan
​SERT / FSL​T. Telford
​SERTA. deVeth
​SERT​S. Tremain
​SERT​K. Denny
​Educational AssistantL. Malec
​Educational Assistant​S. Elliott
​Educational AssistantL. Van Horn
​Educational AssistantP. Donaldson
​Educational AssistantS. Burnett
​Educational AssistantK. Casserley
​Educational Assistant​S. Henderson
​Operations Staff​C. Labelle / D. Avery